A type of highball with ginger ale. Such as Gin Chiller, Vodka Chiller, Rum Chiller, ect.
I'm sick of Gin Chillers, I want a Tom Collins.
by Fase March 14, 2005
Top Definition
A person who is really cool.
Hey chiller, catch ya on the flipside.
by Ette July 11, 2003
1. Goes with the flow, doesn't get caught up in to much drama and upon the event of getting caught up in drama- is Super relaxed and logical about it.

2. A very nice, upbeat positive person.

3. Responsible and Respectful Guy or Girl with an easy going persona.
(Kid breaks his friends hookah)

Friend: oh MY GOD!
Kid remains calm looks at his friend
Kid: Sorry dude. It's all good, I'll buy you a new one.
Friend calms down because of the kids CHILL reaction
The kid is a CHILLER
#chill #relaxed #lifestyle #hipster #vagina #hookah #drama #calm
by The Chillest June 23, 2010
Someone who chills, just doesn't give a fuck, and/or "chills too hard" from time to time.
"Do you know that girl Jessica?"
"Oh yeah, man, she's a chiller."
#chill #sweet dude #radical #chillax #relax-max #bromance #takin er easy #sick life #sick #awesome #cool #kewl
by sexychicababyboo69420~*~* February 17, 2010
one who chills and 'takes it easy'; listens to chill, acoustic music and/or just kick-ass beats. Usually a lover of Bob Marley, The Beatles, or Bob Dylan. Often seen 'chillin' all the time.
A normal teen talking to a chiller might say:
NT-"Are you gonna go water skiing this summer, or play basketball?"
Chiller- "nah, i'll probably just hit the beach maybe and chill all summer, no worries man"
#chill #chiller #a chiller #to chill #music #bob marley
by Chillersunite August 22, 2008
The moment after you pee and your body trembles.
Dude, always get the chiller when I pee.
#pee #chill #shake #body #poo
by SirMcGuire August 20, 2010
Someone who is down with drug and urban culture in ever respect. Also enjoys chilling.
You: Can we do drugs in front of old mate?
Me: Yeah don't worry, he's a chiller.
by Diego November 20, 2003
1. The people who see how awesome you look chilling, and decide to join you.

2. The people who normally don't chill with you, but decide just to come over and sit.
1. Chiller # 1: Dude, look at Richard over there just chilling under that tree. We should join him.

Chiller # 2: But then we'll be labeled as chillers, and I'd rather not have to wander to find a good group to join.

2. Friend No. 1: Ugh look at those guys, coming over here trying to chill with us, like they have a spot here.

Friend No. 2: I know right! They're such chillers.
#douchebag #loser #chiller #weirdo #chillers
by HolderOfTheNoose November 02, 2009
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