to be high/stoned.

used after smoking
"Reyes is chilled!" as he walks into the cafeteria high off his ass.
by nnt August 22, 2007
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To hang out, but in a very relaxed atmosphere
I chilled with Jamie the other night, it was very nice
by god October 19, 2002
An exclamation meaning something is awesome.
Frank: "So I bought these new Air Jordans today"

Enstein: "Chilled dude."
by celticsrock October 10, 2010
When you are stoned, and feeling relaxed with a slight cold/chilled feeling, only available to say during the months of November to January.
Due to the cold weather
Ben: "How are you doing?"
Tom: "Stoned and Chilled."

Paris: "OMG I'm so chilled right now!!"
by GroveGod December 13, 2009
to be high on marijuana, blazed, ect.
JT got caught chilled too many times. His parents sent him to rehab.
by T is chilled November 03, 2007
1. Good, OK, Fine

2. Fun, Exciting
"It's chilled"

"How's the vibe there?"
"It's chilled"
by lina.bina April 11, 2009
describing how suprised you are.
"Damn, i didn't know school was open today im super chilled."

"My birthday party was a chilled event!"
by kadijah August 13, 2008

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