I gots to score be some kind ass, super dank chillaxitive
by dimpass March 02, 2008
Top Definition
n. A tablet or capsule consumed orally in order to induce a state of chillaxation.
Hey brah, pop some chillaxitives.
by Daaron January 11, 2005
Yo you want to go get some chillaxitives and chill?
by Hasselhoffman February 15, 2009
a pill taken to both relax the body and help the common problem of constipation. similar to the 'chill pill' just with the added benefit similar to that of a laxitive. side-effects of the chillaxitive include; diarreah, neusea, constipation, swelling of the genitals, and pubic lice.
timmy: "omg omg omg omg i havnt taken a crap in 4 days!!!!!"

jimmy: "jeez timmy, take a chillaxitive"
by studd muffin July 23, 2006
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