To chill and relax with no worries at all on your mind.Just Chill
Rachell and Shaneta were chillaxing at Six Flags.
by Tigger-T October 04, 2006
A process used by serial killers to hide the evidence of their crimes involving cutting a body into pieces with an axe, bagging the resultant chunks in plastic and then placing them in a chiller or freezer.
The police put an end to Jeffrey Dahmer's killing spree when they broke into his apartment and caught him chillaxing his latest victim.
by psychonerd May 16, 2009
The act of chilling and relaxing simotaneousely.
He was chillaxing until the hoe started causing him to not be chillaxing anymore.
by brett m November 14, 2006
to chill out and relax
i was chillaxing in my living room when a duck passed thru!
by Aoipau November 08, 2006
chillin with your best friends..
#1--"hey u.. what you doin'"

#2 friend--"im just chillaxing with my ballers'...."

#1 friend--"really?!"

#2 friend--"Everyday!"
by black_roses_red July 24, 2006
The process of rectal prolapse.
"Fuck man, I was chillaxing that one until I got owned!"
by Scott December 14, 2004

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