chilling&relaxing. best of both worlds =]
Me and CJ were chillaxing at school.
by ZoE S. May 24, 2005
Chillaxing is when u have smoked so many cones or bongs as some may call it, and all u can do is sit about and stare....but while doing this u are content...u r chillaxing
Simon spends all his time chillaxing he never has time for his girlfriend.
by chilaxer 2009 March 05, 2009
This is a cross between chilling and relaxing. It means to stay calm while doing those extra things that relax you.
I'm sitting at the house just chillaxing in front of the TV drinking a bear.

Or it can be used as a single word to mean taking it easy doing-you.
e.g. Hey butterfly beautiful what you doing? "Chillaxing"
by Butterfly's Man June 28, 2011
when your chilling or relaxing at the same time
yo dude whats up

oh not mush just chillaxing
by khmurder March 24, 2010
A term used to describe the ability to relax in comfort. In a atmosphereic mellow mood.
I was chillaxing on the patio.
by Tiffaney November 09, 2006
Being in a good mood, its the intermediate term between
Chillin and Relax...A good Slang for teens
i wanna be at home chillaxing right now, instead of being at a noisy club
by DrXplicitPa April 11, 2006
To chill and relax with no worries at all on your mind.Just Chill
Rachell and Shaneta were chillaxing at Six Flags.
by Tigger-T October 04, 2006

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