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Chill/ Relaxing
Mish was chillaxin on the sidewalk with her homies!
by Michelle November 26, 2003
5 10
To both chill out and relax at once. Could possibly reference marijuana use. Originated in South Philly circa 2005.
Oh we just chillaxin', dudes.
by dtron August 13, 2006
0 6
mixture b/t chillin and relaxin
To hear chillaxin used in everyday converstion please watch the movie Final Destination 2... the stoner character, who might I add, is the funniest of all of them, says chillaxin...
by Krystina December 08, 2003
5 11
a word that an idiot at my school says because he thinks he's cool.
girl: what r u up to?
guy: chillaxin'
by Alex May 24, 2003
7 14
chillaxin' is what Zima does and its Zima's word not Ilonas... so take that... MUWAHAH im evil
Zima chillaxin' not Ilona
by Zima May 23, 2004
0 8
The new laxative that makes you chill out from the nether regions of gibby's brain.
Sam: "Dude, am on chillaxin now!"

Gibby: "Why? Were you constipated?"
by Sam Cairns February 28, 2005
8 17
something a fuckin attention hungry arrogant faggot says to try to fit in with all the other faggots...the single most annoying "word" in the idiot language
me: doin?
moron : chillaxin
me: drop dead you fucking louse
by jon jonson April 16, 2004
15 25