a combination between chilling and relaxing.
"yo dude what are you doing" "nothing just chillaxin"
by Dakota January 03, 2005
A word 6th-grade ghetto-wannabe fuckheads use in order to be hip. Anyone caught using it should be euthanized on the spot.
Kid1: Yo dawg, wassup?
Kid2: Nothin' bro. Jus' chillaxin.
by Ninja Disaster May 03, 2004
To both chill out and relax at once. Could possibly reference marijuana use. Originated in South Philly circa 2005.
Oh we just chillaxin', dudes.
by dtron August 13, 2006
mixture b/t chillin and relaxin
To hear chillaxin used in everyday converstion please watch the movie Final Destination 2... the stoner character, who might I add, is the funniest of all of them, says chillaxin...
by Krystina December 08, 2003
a word that an idiot at my school says because he thinks he's cool.
girl: what r u up to?
guy: chillaxin'
by Alex May 24, 2003
chillaxin' is what Zima does and its Zima's word not Ilonas... so take that... MUWAHAH im evil
Zima chillaxin' not Ilona
by Zima May 23, 2004
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