When you are feeling like the most laid back and chilled out person in the world.
A mixture of chilling and relaxin - chillaxin
Similar to "kickin it"
"Yeah im just chillaxin right now."
"whats up homie? Nothing much just chillaxin"
by nik.shar October 22, 2007
When there is nothing better to do than sit around with some friends chill and relax, chill and relax.
"Hey Guys wanna go play tennis?"
"No thanx bro im chillaxin."
"Aww man ur so cool, i wish i could chillax."
by Borat917 April 26, 2007
Hanging out, winding down, relaxing.
I am at home chillaxin after a hard day. I am chillaxin at a party.
by icewalk17 February 19, 2009
chillin..or relaxin...wich one were you doing????
tommy..said ,he was chillin in the house.. tommy was home relaxin...tommy was chillaxin watching television after finishing up, with those two hot girls..
by t downs February 12, 2009
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