combonation of chilling and relaxing
Shanda- hey gurl wat chu doin 2nite?
Shaheda-nutiin jus chillaxin
Shanda- iight...peace!
by Shaheda Thompson<3 December 11, 2008
Chillin, relaxin at the same time.
I'm chillin, relaxin at the same time. You know, chillaxin.
by danielleee2510 October 23, 2008
to relax with friends and just chill
Me and my friend were at my house chillaxin with some ladies
by Dylan Thomas Turnbull March 23, 2008
a combonation of both chilling and relaxin. being in a state of peace and tranquility
I took the day off and was chillaxin the entire day.
by Preston Perrin March 21, 2008
to realax and chill at the same time
find a cotch, a bag of the high grade and sit back to do what your doing maaaan!jus be chillaxin
by J dot D March 03, 2008
relaxing and chillin at the same time
We were chillaxing with the teacher yesterday.
by Evelyn Hernandez December 13, 2007
When you are feeling like the most laid back and chilled out person in the world.
A mixture of chilling and relaxin - chillaxin
Similar to "kickin it"
"Yeah im just chillaxin right now."
"whats up homie? Nothing much just chillaxin"
by nik.shar October 22, 2007

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