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1.To be totally fuckin chilled out and not give a fuck what is going on around you.
2.To be dazed or in total relaxation.
"Dude he is in front of the Tv chillaxin, I have been messin with him for in hour and he hasent moved."
by The Garbage Man.ye ye be popin March 19, 2009
3 3
The act "Chillin'" in a relaxing manner.
Dude 1 "What's up yo?"
Dude 2 "Nothin' much, just chillaxin'"
by JrotcCmdr January 13, 2009
1 1
Another word added to the English language that confuses the fuck out of foreigners or people trying to learn English.
Mexican: "Boss, what are you doing under the shade while I worked out here for less than minimum wage?"
Boss: "Chillaxin' amigo"
Mexican (turns to mexican amigos): "what the fuck does chillaxin' mean?!?!"
by gxmode July 10, 2008
4 4
The act of sitting in a place with a rather large dick in your ass.
Dave:Dude why can't Jeff hang with us today?
Michael: Nah... He said he was gonna be too busy chillaxin.
Dave:Oh.... What a fuckin homo.
by David Frenette, Isiah Adkins December 08, 2007
6 6
its a mix between i invent stupid words and chillin sounds so much better
im chillaxin in my cardboard box
by kyle February 15, 2004
21 21
chillin and relaxing simultaneously
Me and my crew were just chillaxin at my house while sippin on some brewskis.
by jeff July 14, 2003
7 7
combination of chillin and relaxing
I'm just gonna be chillaxin tonight.
by Autumn's mom July 22, 2009
0 1