chillin and relaxin at the same time
Its like its a party going on now most of us love to party but its that one night you want to kick back and relax that is the whole meaning of chillaxin
by Queenbirdy2010 April 07, 2010
Just chillin and relaxin combined
I'm just chillaxin
by The Awesome37 February 19, 2010
To chill and relax at the same time.

origin: First used on the hit animated American sci-fi sitcom Futurama by Matt Groening also creator of The Simpsons
Dude1: "Hey what you guys up to?"

Dude2: "Just chillaxin bra."
by undonebutredone July 15, 2009
the act of relaxing in a state of coolness, with no worries or stress of judgment.
The baby's chillaxin in the walker.

The boy is chillaxin playing halo in his old van's and new jeans.
by venice by the beach man May 22, 2009
1.To be totally fuckin chilled out and not give a fuck what is going on around you.
2.To be dazed or in total relaxation.
"Dude he is in front of the Tv chillaxin, I have been messin with him for in hour and he hasent moved."
by The Garbage ye be popin March 19, 2009
The act "Chillin'" in a relaxing manner.
Dude 1 "What's up yo?"
Dude 2 "Nothin' much, just chillaxin'"
by JrotcCmdr January 13, 2009
its a mix between i invent stupid words and chillin sounds so much better
im chillaxin in my cardboard box
by kyle February 15, 2004

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