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chillin and relaxion
Me and my friends were chillaxin on the beach.
by natedogg435 June 09, 2007
Chillin out to the point of being relaxed then you are chillaxin'
Me and my boys were smoking this fat blunt to the point of us chillaxin'
by Wicked klown July 22, 2010
chillin and relaxing simultaneously
Me and my crew were just chillaxin at my house while sippin on some brewskis.
by jeff July 14, 2003
To release oneself from inhibition, worry, tension and all stress, to be simultaneously chillin and relaxin.
Trey and I were totaly Chillaxin on the beach!
by BigDawg1013 September 10, 2011
chillin and relaxin at the same time
Its like its a party going on now most of us love to party but its that one night you want to kick back and relax that is the whole meaning of chillaxin
by Queenbirdy2010 April 07, 2010
Just chillin and relaxin combined
I'm just chillaxin
by The Awesome37 February 19, 2010
To chill and relax at the same time.

origin: First used on the hit animated American sci-fi sitcom Futurama by Matt Groening also creator of The Simpsons
Dude1: "Hey what you guys up to?"

Dude2: "Just chillaxin bra."
by undonebutredone July 15, 2009