Combination of the words chillin' and relaxing, something you do on the weekend with friends. Synonyms: hanging out, relaxing, kickin' it.
"What did you do last night?" asked Jack.
"Nothing much, I was just chillaxin'" responded Jill.
by Sarah487 July 19, 2006
The state of being totally relaxed and chilled, beyond that of being just relaxed or chilled.
This weekend I took it real easy and was just chillaxin' from Friday night to Sunday night.
by chad28 March 28, 2003
chill·lax·ing (chill-lax-ĭng)
1. Slang combination of chillin' and relaxin'.
2. State of being calm, relaxed, and laid-back.
"After a long week of work, I'm looking forward to some chillaxin' at my buddy's."
by Michael DeFant December 11, 2008
To relax and chill simultaneously
Wife: Jamal get yo' ass outside and cut the damn grass. And when you are done with that, you can go to the store and pick up some St. Ides Special Brew.

Husband: Shaquita you better shut yo' black ass up; im chillaxin' right now with tyrone while we smoke a blunt.
by thatoneguywhodoesthings April 23, 2008
A varied form of "Chilling" and "Relaxing", often used in a laid-back manner:
"whats goin on, man?"
"not much, just CHILLAXIN"
"i hear you.."
by ---Tom--- November 09, 2006
Mix between chillin and relaxin
"I'm just chillaxin around my house."
by Adam Miller October 21, 2003
Chilling and relaxing at the same time
Hey bro, im just chillaxin
by trollulullul May 16, 2013

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