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Something said by really big losers who think they're cool
He He I'm sittin here chillaxin DUDE!
by Chrissy May 09, 2004
9 20
A mixture of Chillin' and Relaxin'.
"I'm not doing anything. I'm just sittin' on the couch chillaxin".
by Ashlee August 13, 2001
525 106
Way-far laid back. Chillin' & relaxin' at the same time.An extreme state of contentedness.Good vibes.
I was chillaxin in the recliner wit my crew & some brew while my cat was stretched out on the sofa.
by Moonbeam Nance July 05, 2006
206 77
"Were chillaxin in the crib"
by AHOLE N KHOLE April 11, 2003
209 98
Chilling and Relaxing at the same time.
Comes from the combination of the two words mentioned above.
I was chillaxing in my dorm room.
by GANANIA April 05, 2004
64 35
combination of chillin and relaxin
guy#1:watcha doin?
by miss crazy sexy cool August 21, 2003
37 14
chillin and relaxin
I am just chillaxin with home slices!
by NACHOsk8r August 28, 2003
64 42
To chill and relax at the same time,copastetic,peaceful,serene,down.

The background of the word chillaxin come from the word Chill and Relaxin or maxin whichever you prefer.
What Up Mah Nigga?

Nuttin Just Chillaxin
by Carlos December 14, 2004
60 41