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Slang term for marijuana. Often used so no one knows what you're talking about.
"yo let's chill"
"we need some chillage first"
by bant January 08, 2007
noun: day to kick back and do completely random stuff with your homies
friend 1: We barely see each other anymore! What the heck!
friend 2: Yeah man, I have mad track practice. We need a major chillage. This weekend?
by chillage October 15, 2007
the act ofbeing chill;or chilling out
This is somme good chillage
I love the chillage factor in this place
by jake longstaff October 07, 2007
Meaning: 1) Peace. 2) Friendship. 3) A greeting among friends involving gently applied pressure to the cheek from a fist.
"I wish nothing but CHILLAGE to ur village" "I aint seen u in a while, gimme a CHILLAGE"
by creeball January 24, 2009
extreme amount of chillin'
"what's up dawg?" "ehh..chillage"
by beaner February 03, 2003