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When you're chillin and relaxing, you're "chill-laxin".
Ashley was chill-laxin by the pool.
by Sue January 08, 2004
Idling, relaxing; having free time at one's disposal
"What're you saying now?"
"Just chillaxin for a bit ..."
by Rich6 May 27, 2005
Brooklynite's cool way to say chillin
as in chilling, or hanging out. or chilling/relaxing. Because we're cool like that =].
'So you're out of school?'
'Then what are you gonna do later?'
'Ima be chillaxin, you know drinkin, TV...the good stuff'
by poO=[ May 27, 2005
the code name for getting high
ring ring
"hey man what are you doin"
"im chillaxin dude"
by kimberly May 17, 2005
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