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A place to relax without being harrassed or coaxed into purchasing items. A place to loiter. A place to hang out with friends or by yourself without obtrusion. (I.e. a place "to chill out.") Similar to a "hang out" spot/place.
I would like to find a good chill spot where the cops won't harass me.
by Chadofer2423 September 11, 2009
a nice place to smoke weed or do other drugs without being noticed by outsiders.
the pit is a nice chill spot but id rather go to the quarry to smoke this.
by aaronabud June 15, 2006
An area, usually a place of residence, where people go to relax and smoke weed.
You should come with me to Dane's, it's the new chill spot.
by the chillmaster April 17, 2010
A flash website, with most of it's games taken directly from Newgrounds.
Chillspot used to be cool, but now it sucks.
by Dylan (Did you doubt it?) September 01, 2004