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Chilling out, hanging. Usually with close friends, no need for form of entertainment -just company.
Derek_1542: Yo, come over to my house and chill bang with me?

smockstar63: sweet as, I'm in great need of xbox and doritoes.
by cheeseisgreaat April 25, 2008

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To socialise with, "hang with" or just be around awesome people for an amount of time, doing awesome things together.
Guy 1: Wanna go chillbang at my house after school?

Guy 2: Hell yes!
by boogerh7 November 26, 2010
Chillbang is an amazing word usually used by cool people named Emma. It means to chill and clam your lamas.
Dude lets go chillbang with Emma !
Man shes a total babe, lets chillbang with her.
by Coolisemma October 11, 2010
A mixture of hanging and banging the person you are with at the same time.
Hey baby, wanna come chillbang?
by CoolieJoolie March 31, 2011