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Defecate in a woman's baby-slot then fuck the crap out of it.
Bennett gave Marlene a Chili Dog with extra Cholula.
by Dieter P February 20, 2008
the sex act of taking a shit in between the girls boobs, then stick your dick in it, thus forming a resemblance of a chili dog. A variation is to then cum in the chili dog to serve as some mayonase.
The chili dog is a very risky monuever.
by xXx fe1us EaterxXx October 02, 2007
Chili dog is when you deficate on a woman's chest then stick your penis between her breasts and proceed to fuck her.
I gave my g/f a chili dog last night and woke up this morning missing a kidney.
by Ant Laws November 17, 2006
when you shit on a girls chest and the you tit fuck the shit outta her
hey guys i gave this hooker a chili dog last night and she fucking loved it.
by arlie September 05, 2004
Similar to the cleveland steamer, while fucking a girls tits, you take a shit between the breasts, thus creating a chili dog.
I promised my hoe a pearl necklace, but I dunn gave duh bitch a chili dog instead.
by Anonymous October 16, 2002
Occurs during anal sex. Either with a man and women or two men. The man thrusting his penis into the anus gets a suprise of fecal matter on his penis. It looks like chili on a hot dog (penis), thus it is a chili dog.
Julie gave me a chili dog by sharding on my cock.
by longrodpenetrator May 14, 2010
When a man proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse (of the anal variety) with a woman or another man and while performing this act the man or woman defecates on the mans penis. The defecating man or woman then proceeds to eat the feces of of the mans penis, similar to that of eating the chili off of a chili dog. The penis is the hotdog, the buns are the buttocks of the recieving man or woman, and the feces are the chili.
Franks said his penis smelled like shit for three days after sally gave him the "chili dog."
by james the barbarian July 13, 2009