The act of a person, after having anal sex, shitting on the mans dick (hense the name).
Tom: So what'd you do this weekend?
Jack: I gave my boyfriend a chili dog.
Tom: Oh, ew.
by socalli March 21, 2012
A sexual act; when a male has anal sex with a woman/ man, then removes his penis. The recipient then turns around and proceeds to give her/his partner oral sex.
"Dude, I can't believe she let my try the chili dog, bro."
"Chili dog?"
" Yeah man- dirty dogie style to head!"
by fMA.memories.PSU September 29, 2011
When a blowjob triggers the giver's gag reflex, resulting in vomit-covered cock. Chili Dogged, Chili Dogging.
Martha overestimated her ability to deep throat and gave George a chili dog.

When Bill chili dogged all over the glory hole I knew it was time to drag him out of the club.
by bloodmouth February 12, 2011
When a man engages in unprotected sexual intercourse with a woman who is menstruating.
My girl is on her period. I totally got a real modern day chili dog out of the deal.
by Dr. K. Faber September 20, 2010
When you put hot sauce on the womens vag, then proceed to pound it hardcore. Pull out then slam it in her mouth.
Gave that ho a chili dog... for breakfast
by EpicJesus August 05, 2009
when a girl has a period while your banging her, and then you wipe the blood in between her tits and stick your d**k in between her boobies
dude i gave megan the slut a chili dog yesterday, it wuz nasty!!!!
by Angel farker July 23, 2009
the sex act of taking a shit in between the girls boobs, then stick your dick in it, thus forming a resemblance of a chili dog. A variation is to then cum in the chili dog to serve as some mayonase.
The chili dog is a very risky monuever.
by xXx fe1us EaterxXx October 02, 2007
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