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It's a hot dog with chili (a meat and sauce substance) on it, normally it is much better with cheese.
i'm fucking starving.... lets go get chili dogs!
by matt and anna October 06, 2005
60 62
When a blowjob triggers the giver's gag reflex, resulting in vomit-covered cock. Chili Dogged, Chili Dogging.
Martha overestimated her ability to deep throat and gave George a chili dog.

When Bill chili dogged all over the glory hole I knew it was time to drag him out of the club.
by bloodmouth February 12, 2011
0 3
when a girl has a period while your banging her, and then you wipe the blood in between her tits and stick your d**k in between her boobies
dude i gave megan the slut a chili dog yesterday, it wuz nasty!!!!
by Angel farker July 23, 2009
1 4
While enjoying a vicious Bratwurst (look up if curious), one has the unfortunate experience of having dip spit land on his dick.
The first time Kevin experienced a Chili Dog, he was sure to quickly alert Matt. Matt was so disturbed he didn't dip or shit for a week.
by LYCOPROV December 26, 2008
43 46
Defecate in a woman's baby-slot then fuck the crap out of it.
Bennett gave Marlene a Chili Dog with extra Cholula.
by Dieter P February 20, 2008
8 11
When you fuck a person in the anus as he or she shits on your dick.
OMFG, I fucked Samantha in the butthole and gave me the chili dog.
by Y. Ramirez May 05, 2008
3 7
A sexual position: First you take a shit on the girl's breasts... Then you proceed to titty fuck her.
That girls a skank, I heard she loves to be chili dogged.
by Daneroo October 13, 2007
38 42