A Homosexual Position that occurs during threesomes one gentlemen bends over while another gentlemen lays down his penis on top of the other gentlemen's anus and the third gentlemen pours hot chili all over the second gentlemen's erected penis then licks it off.
Brad just bought some chili for tonight who is going to be the hotdog this time because i really want a good Chili Cheese Dog tonight!
by OD3N March 20, 2011
to continually cram all 9 inches of fleshy wang into a females shit plastered asshole while skeeting
fuckin right doggy that chili cheese dog was great
by km BJ December 22, 2004
to put ketchup and mustard beetween a girls tits, fuck between em' and get it licked of in a blow job.
awsome...it keeps men that like hot dogs alive
by Boozi Chang May 18, 2004

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