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The act of smearing your dick with shit then fucking a girl when she has a yeast infection.
My girlfriend begged me to eat her out, but when she pulled down her panties, her pussy smelled like rotten cottage cheese. I knew she just wanted me to sooth the ichyness from her dry flaky twat, that the monostat cream couldn't cure. As revenge for the culinary insult, I decided to shit in my hand and smear it all over my shaft, then fuck her. She completed the recipe by adding her cheese to my chili dog. If she had a herpe flare up there would have been spicy onions on it as well. I do love a chili cheese dog!
by majam March 31, 2012
A variation of the chili dog. As most people know, the chili dog is when the man shits on the women's chest and then titty fucks her. The dick of course is the hotdog, the tits are the buns and the shit is the chili. The cheese is added when an unwashed and uncircumcized man is doing the fucking. His dick cheese, or schmegma, provides the perfect topping.
"I haven't washed by dick in days. There is so much cheese down there I think me and the missus will have a chili cheese dog tonight."
by The Fresh Prinz March 26, 2009
Defecating between a partner's breasts, and then scraping the smegma, a sebaceous cheesy secretion from an uncircumcised and unwashed penis, on top of the settled feces. Then titty fuck her.
I gave Erin a chili cheese dog in my car after we went to the ballgame.
by Chris, Lucas, Corry October 09, 2007
to shit on a girls tits then titty fuck her and when you cum you have a chili cheese dog....
i gave that girl a chili chees dog....
by jimmy kilberg February 15, 2005
Girl place hot dog bun around your penis. Then she puts chili and cheese on it. Then she eats eats it like a chili chess dog.
My nigga Spencer got 8 hoes to give him a chili cheese dog... What a pimp
by Jake gadon March 18, 2011
When getting road head and you go over a bump and she gags on ur cock and she throws up and continues to suck your dick
Hey baby that feel good, "BUMP", "Arghuuugh", MMMM finish that shit Chili Cheese Dog
by Lemk Cousins August 03, 2008
Old people at the local library who are eating just sitting around eating
We need to leave, this place is full of Chili Cheese Dogs so I can't use the free internet
by Johnny5s April 30, 2008
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