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The feces that remains around your asshole if you do not wipe well enough.
She had a nice ass, but also a nasty chili ring. She's gotta wash her butt.....
by supacool(o)(o) July 01, 2008
Post-anal-coital activity involving consuming the residue around the anus, including blood, fecal matter and several other fluids.
That girl is so hot, i would so chili ring her.

For my birthday, i want to chow down on a chili ring.
by The Chili Ringer November 19, 2009
The result of eating food so spicy, your anus burns like fire after taking a dump.

Residual capsaicin in fecal matter, causing the mucus membranes in the anal sphincter to burn painfully.
You: "Shit man, I shouldn't have eaten all those jalapeños last night..."

Douche friend: "What's wrong, got chili ring?"
by Arashiin October 09, 2011
Being so homosexual that, during vaginal intercourse with a female, the male must pull out then insert himself into her anus in order to reach climax.
Seth couldn't blow his load fucking the bitch from behind, so he sneaked in a chili ring.
by Dastardly Dan July 11, 2009