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An adjective used by professors to compliment other professors' personal style. Derived from the chili pepper category on a college professor rating website.
Q: "Does this turtleneck make me look jowly?"
A: "No way, it's so chili peppers."
by Pinky Alaska March 30, 2008
42 13
short for Red Hot Chili Peppers, aka RHCP, aka THE GREATEST BAND IN THE MOTHER FUCKING WORLD.....EVER!!!!!
"Dude.....the chili peppers rock"
"yeah man they do."
"dude their shows are insane"
"yeah man they are"
by SHARON AND SONYA February 27, 2005
64 45
A young hot latina girl that is constantly wearing skanky clothes.
Hey look at that chili pepper over there at the light, shes a sexy mami.
by mandoof November 12, 2010
9 0
someone who is verrrry sexy, cool, & just plain amazing. one of a kind, hot babeeeeeeeee <3 deffinitly.
damn look at my chilipepper, she's banging :)
by Cassssssie November 17, 2005
7 3