slang for "Phil Fulmer," present-day coach of the Tennessee Volunteers.
Chili Dog looks mad! Must've been because Alabama scored another touchdown.
by AlaDama November 04, 2007
poo poo
on the wee wee
after sodomy
I went Sadam Hussein on Gomer Pyle's ass, and he gave me a chili dog. And then he ate it!
by Rock Hudson July 08, 2006
When a male and female proceed to have sexual intercourse, and while doing the dirty, the man realizes the girl is on her period, and her blood has rubbed all over his penile unit. In complete disgust, the male vomits all over his own penis, and the puke mixes with the blood, therefore creating a mixture that looks like chili on top of his dog (penis).
Charles: Wait whats that smell?

Virginia: Oh, well i forgot to tell you im on my period!

Charles: Oh no, your gona make me create a chili dog!
by cherry cobbler January 20, 2009
from the anus to the breats...depositing chili on the bun (breasts act as a hot dog bun)... the penis serves as the hot dog
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
When you give a female anal sex, then titty f*ck her. Creating a chili dog effect.
by M. Weimer December 26, 2002
A redneck expression which is meant as a derogatory term for black people. Origin traced to Alabama.
"Man, them dang ol' chili dogs was talkin' so much I couldn't hear the movie.
by Rollo Tomasi January 20, 2005
A penis that has just been removed from another's arse after anal sex - usually very nasty and covered with various foul secretions and excrement.
Suzy is a dirty dirty whore! I fucked her in the ass last night and after I blew my load she turned around and sucked my chili dog clean. It was awesome!
by Jason January 09, 2004

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