When taking a poop on a girls breasts then having intercourse with her breasts.
Man I gave Jane a Chili Dog last night! She loved it!
by synthmasterj January 03, 2008
A sexual position: First you take a shit on the girl's breasts... Then you proceed to titty fuck her.
That girls a skank, I heard she loves to be chili dogged.
by Daneroo October 13, 2007
When u destroy the bitches tits with ur meaty cock
Man, i gave her the best chili dog last night. Did it to her brother to.
by J Loser December 09, 2015
When you take a hot dump on a girl's tits and then proceed to titty fuck her.
I gave Morgan a chili dog last night.
by Slayer123 March 18, 2014
when a girl has a period while your banging her, and then you wipe the blood in between her tits and stick your d**k in between her boobies
dude i gave megan the slut a chili dog yesterday, it wuz nasty!!!!
by Angel farker July 23, 2009
A.K.A. The New York Chili Dog, it is the fine art of taking a liquified or sludgy dump on the chest of the gutter slut of your liking. The ass-spatter makes up the "chili", with you're man-hammer being the hotdog and tits being the buns. Afterwards, you procede to titty-fuck prior said trashy pig.
Amanda is a gutter stomping cunt bag and loves the chili dog.
by urajagoff July 16, 2008
1. one who is a lazy, emo, obsessive piece of shit. See Mollye.
2. a dump taken on one's chest.

1. the act of being pwned or screwed over.
2. the act of being a lazy, emo, obsessive piece of shit.
3. the act of taking a dump on someone's chest.
That fat bitch is so lazy, she's such a chili dog.

Dude, you just lost one of your lives, you just got chili dogged!

Stop sitting outside Orlando Bloom's house and cutting yourself, you are straight chili dogging!

She squatted over him and chili dogged.
by flandersluvsmollye January 07, 2007
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