When a man proceeds to engage in sexual intercourse (of the anal variety) with a woman or another man and while performing this act the man or woman defecates on the mans penis. The defecating man or woman then proceeds to eat the feces of of the mans penis, similar to that of eating the chili off of a chili dog. The penis is the hotdog, the buns are the buttocks of the recieving man or woman, and the feces are the chili.
Franks said his penis smelled like shit for three days after sally gave him the "chili dog."
by james the barbarian July 13, 2009
The act of shitting a females chest and proceding to titty fuck her.
50 Cent is such a skank. Why's he always chili dog his moma?
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
A disturbing type of scatology in which a man defecates between a womans breasts and then procedes to tit fuck using the waste as a lubricant. The penis is the hot dog the shit the chili and of course the breasts are the buns. chili scat shit
I performed a chili dog with this fat chick with huge tits yesterday. How was it? Lets just say the best part of the experience was the smell, well atleast it wasn't my bed.
by Kendall March 08, 2005
When a man lays a sloppy shit on a woman's breasts and then titfucks her.
"Man, that chick was so dirty she let me throw her the chilidog without even flinching"
by Mike S. May 14, 2003
a food that is commonly composed of a hot dog, a bun, and chili. toppings such as relish can also be added
My mom is making chili dogs for dinner tinight.YUM!
by Justin April 28, 2003
when a woman lies back, offers her full supple breasts to a man, who then proceeds to squeeze out a mass of diarrhea shit all between her breasts, making sure to evenly coat them for best tase, then puts his penis between her shit-covered breasts and fucks her tits, which implies a "chili gdog" effect to their love-making.
Johnny wanted tome excitement in his marriage with his 67-year old Vietnamese hooker of a wife, so he spiced it up by making a chili dog.
by Braski April 21, 2004
Simply a hot dog on a bun, with chili con carne, and sometimes cheese. Grow up, Urban Dictionary.
I'm hungry, let's make some chili dogs.
Why would you want to shit on a girl's tits?
I'm talking about the food, you idiot!
by TheSpencinator2012 August 03, 2011
to shit on mates chest and tittie fuck her
my girl dried out so i gave her a chili-dog instead
by Sam Ellington August 20, 2006

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