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A chili dawg is not when you shit between a girls butt cheeks. A chili dawg is when you shit on her chest between the females breasts. You than use your dick as the hot dog, the shit as the chili, and her tits as the buns. The bigger the buns the better i believe.
Girl: What do you want to do now?
Guy: I am going to give you a chili dog, lay down and take off your shirt.
Girl: Chili Dog?
Guy: Shut up (man than proceeds to shit on chest and thrust in a largesse manner.)
by ando January 17, 2005
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chili dawg on a toasted bun, when you shit on a girls butt cheeks, and then butt cheek fuck her.
husband: Thanks for offering me a chili dawg, but could I have a chili dawg on a toasted bun?
wife: Sure dear.
by kozykole May 10, 2003
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a hottie wit a red hat on
check out dat chili dawg on da lef
by marvin melrose May 09, 2003
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