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At least three men defecate on a woman's chest. She tastes and rates them, has sex with the first place winner, blows the runner-up, and the last man must eat the remaining shit from the woman's chest while she performs the tasks on the other two men.
Aw, man, I got last place in Susie's chili cookoff last weekend. The other guys really gave it their best.
by Arnoldez February 01, 2008
When all the bathroom stalls are full, and you have to shit so bad you have to go between another dudes open legs.
"I had to go so bad, and Fred was in the port-a-potty. Luckily he finished quickly, otherwise we would have held a chili cookoff!"
by BDReeser January 15, 2009
A sexual maneuver in which three males each take a shit, and give them to a single female as a gift. She then tastes all three of the specimens. The person's shit she likes best she has sex with, next best she gives a blow job too, and the unlucky loser has to finish the rest of the shit.
Man, Eric sure got the wrong end of the chili cook off last night.
by Arnold Palmer Half and Half March 30, 2009
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