Is a great southamerican country, the British of the region (?... O_o...i am not buying that xD)
Chile is long and narrow and it looks like a chilli BUT! that's not the reason of the name of this country.
It's a great place for skiing, eating seafood, travel and much more!! =D
Beware of the flaites, they are our national scum...seriously! But there aren't to many... thank God!!
dude: do you know Chile?
idiot: what is it? is it eatable?
dude: no! you motherf*cka it's a freaking country
idiot: does it taste good?
dude: no comments... ¬¬ *turns around and leaves*
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007
could mean anything but usually refers to something good
dude, that jawn is so chile
by Nick Tassinari August 20, 2006
Chile is the land that is full of shit.

Full of traitors, sold their brothers for some guns.

Full of liars, they sold weapons being a neutral country

Full of transexual prostitutes, just look every corner.

Full of unreasonable fear, over 20 years of pinochet has traumatised them.

Full of Envy, because when the spanish came lo america, they didn´t find shit on chile, just a shitload of sand in a desert, they grow hating their neighbours becaouse they did had many things.

Full of dead brains( It´s a miracle in chile if a person has an original idea, the last person died over 200 years ago, that´s why they copy verything from averyone.

When Peru launched a gastronomy campain called: "Peru mucho gusto"(Peru, hello/ Peru is good) , chile wanted to have its own campaing, so they gathered their smarter people and for a full year they though about it, finally they came with: "chile mucho gusto".
by Amarok7 April 17, 2009
A hot chick usually of mexican or spanish descent with physical features comparable to that of a chile. Chile also refers to a hot tempered person usually female.
Aye Chile, lookin good.

Chile calm down its not that serious!
by Ornan Byrd July 27, 2006

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