Latin slang for Dick .
Pablo:"Como anda el chile?" ( Hows the dick hangin'? )
Juan:"Mighty fine son, mighty fine!"
by nomamess December 15, 2010
Not the Country, but the fruit which is commonly misspelled by everybody outside of New Mexico. Who simply think it of it as some a tomato based stew like dish with meat and beans. The name is derived from Nahuatl. The fruit and the name were borrowed by the Spanish Conquistadores when they settled in Mexico. Conquistadores later brought it to New Mexico where it is still grown to this day, and is recognized as an intuition from Hatch to Espanola. In New Mexico chile comes in red or green.
Over the years "Red or green?" has become the unofficial state question, a question used to determine if somebody prefers red chile or green chile. Waiters often confuse tourists with this question, and an explanation is usually necessary. For those unsure which delicious version to choose, there is another popular option is known as “Christmas”. Christmas means that a dish can contain both of the tantalizing varieties.
It is the backbone of New Mexican food which is an assortment of wonderful dishes that have been bastardized by outsiders and even some local gringos with the name “Southwestern food”. So remember its chile not "chili", Bill Richardson has already fucked up our state almost beyond repair, we don’t need for public perception of our favorite food be ruined as well.
Customer: “I’ll have the shredded beef burrito smothered with chile and cheese, and a sopapilla on the side.”

Waitress: “Red or green?”

Customer: “Christmas!”
by McLovin505 May 03, 2008
A predominantly southern variation of the word "child", meaning a juvenile person, either in the literal or figurative sense.
You best look after the chile, Brandy Jean.
by Rev. B. A. Kirken December 19, 2003
Chile is a long country in southamerica(NOT AFRICA!) next to argentina.
Chile is the best country cuz it got all the landscapes you can imagine ( beach, snow,desert,etc)
In chile you can be a normal guy or you can be a flaite, that means you like to steal to people talk like u were snoopdog and hear bad music.

M: dude, lets go to a crazy place were partys never ends

by cholga August 07, 2007
another way to describe human feces.
I have to drop an enormous chile
Aww man pull over I need to throw an epic chile
That was the biggest chile I've ever seen!
by Jake Veryser April 01, 2008
A country that's expected to become the dominant republic of the world by the year 2010, when it becomes 200 years old.

syn: kickass
Ex 1:
-Why does my girlfriend/the president/the country/yo momma suck so much?
-'Cause they're not Chilean!
by momerphuk December 23, 2003
Is a great southamerican country, the British of the region (?... O_o...i am not buying that xD)
Chile is long and narrow and it looks like a chilli BUT! that's not the reason of the name of this country.
It's a great place for skiing, eating seafood, travel and much more!! =D
Beware of the flaites, they are our national scum...seriously! But there aren't to many... thank God!!
dude: do you know Chile?
idiot: what is it? is it eatable?
dude: no! you motherf*cka it's a freaking country
idiot: does it taste good?
dude: no comments... ¬¬ *turns around and leaves*
by Xavi_cardenas November 24, 2007
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