When a women deepthroats on a man. And throws up on his dick. and she keeps suckin it
"This hot ass girl was deepthroatin me, then she chile dogged me."
by Brian Djekovic March 07, 2003
Top Definition
The act of deficating on a large brested womans chest then placing ones penis between the breats and preceding to "titty fuck" her.
im going to give that bitch a chile dog
by the POS January 26, 2003
When you shit in between a girls boobs (its got to be the sick wet, green diarrhea kind of shit) and then you tit fuck her. So you have the buns (her tits) the chile (the shit) and the hot dog (your dick).
My girlfriend got totally hammered and wanted me to give her a chile dog
by pastoolio April 19, 2008
where a guy shits on the girls chest and then titty fucks her. the dick then comes out looking like a chile dog.
damn thats quite the chile dog
by Joe stephentopincolofagus August 12, 2008
Having sex with a chick on her period and then she sucks your bloody dick.
She was on the rag, but I still gave her a chile dog.
by kintama2 May 26, 2007
When you are having anal sex with a girl and she shits all over your dick
Now you better lick up all the chile on my dog
by Joe Bon April 21, 2004
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