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Reffering to something, often a task which is easy to the extent that a child, or toddler could perform the task. Can be used condesendingly in regards to another persons abilities, or skills.
"Phil what did you get on that math quiz"
"Dude I struggled, got a 60"
"Man that shit was CHILDSPLAY, I got a 120"

"Class whats 1+1"
by ManifestDestiny January 25, 2007
Exceedingly easy and not fit for your personal level of skill. An activity that could be done by a child with the brain capacity of a squirrel.
When the teacher asked Bartholomew, who had previously been sleeping, to answer the math question, Bartholomew responded "child's play" and proceeded to ace the shit out of the question.
by Master of the Schlong November 19, 2011
Statement or answer to a question that is easy, simple or obvious
Who is the all time leading rusher in the NFL? Emmitt Smith, childs play dude.
by wes290 September 28, 2009
1: a task that is said to be easy, can be done by a child.
2: a horror film released in 1988 about a doll named Chucky who was possessed by a serial killer, and wreaks havoc on a unsuspecting boy and his family.
1: damn that math test was childs play, I got an easy A+.
2: Dude, nooooo I don't wanna see childs play!
by dull_colored_prism February 01, 2016
1. an easy task, "a breeze",
2. a term used to describe the sexual interest of children in each other
Doug said to his wife "Hammering this nail in was childs play".
by ThaDevilHasYou... November 01, 2006
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