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An awesome band who totally rule the universe...literally....
man children of bodom rule, and thats all i have to say about that...
by pezz June 27, 2003
An awesome melodic-progressive metal band hailing from Finland. They named themselves after a 1960 murder that happened near Lake Bodom, in their hometown, where three teenagers were violently slain. The killer's name is NOT Bodom....the suspect's name is Nils Gustaffson.

Children of Bodom has kickass double-bass drums, two extremely talented guitarists, awesome basslines, and some of the happiest keyboards in all of progressive/death metal.
Something Wild
Follow the Reaper
Hate Crew Deathroll

get them all!!
by triplecorpsehammerblow December 01, 2004
One of the Best progressive/melodic death metal bands ever. Alexi Laiho, the guitarist, is one of the best guitarists in the world, and isn't too bad at singing either. Other members include Jaska Raatikainen, who plays the drums; Henkka Blacksmith, who plays the bass; Janne Warman, who plays the keyboard; and lastly, Alexander Kuoppala, who recently left the band, and has been replaced for the time being with Roope Latvala. The band's name came from one of the biggest murder mysteries in the band's home country of Finland, nearly 45 years ago, which revolved around 4 kids camping near lake bodom. 3 of the 4 were violently murdered, and the fourth was put in a mental instutution. It has come out recently though, that the fouth kid was the murderer. Children of Bodom's music is a blend of metal, and neoclassical melodies. Their latest album, Hatecrew Deathroll, has at least one great solo in every single song. If you haven't checked them out yet, do so. I command it.
Their albums and EPs:

1)Something Wild
2)Children of Bodom
5)Tokyo Warheats (live album)
7)Follow the Reaper
8)You're Better Off Dead!
9)Hatecrew Deathroll
10) Trashed, Lost & Strungout
by Ethan March 30, 2005
A fucking great scandinavian metal band, with some of the best guitar riffs ever. Alexi Laiho is god.
Children of Bodom ripped my fucking head off last night.
by matt November 13, 2004
A five-piece black metal/power metal band out of Finland, Children of Bodom are a force to be reckoned with in the metal scene. Named after their homeland's most nontorious killers, Children of Bodom could be said to do likewise to their competition.
Children of Bodom r0x0rz.
by Twice Scorned May 12, 2004
An awesome power/speed metal (of sorts) from frosty Finland. They named themselves after a murder case in Finland a few years ago.
They are fronted by the awesome Alexei Laiho whom I thought was a hot chick on first brief glance at a photo. I was mistaken. However, he would make an awesome lady.
Children Of Bodom are MANLY
by TimFS December 27, 2004
An awesome band from Finland. Alexi is insane at playing the guitar. They named themselves after a murder at Lake Bodom. They're a kick ass band.
Children Of Bodom is fucking awesome.
by Roscoe March 30, 2005
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