Word black people use to desribe a friend, ie like homie or shorty
Hey child, how's that Kool-Aid?
by DizzyLizzy March 19, 2007
Synonym for demon.
I can definitely wait until parenthood.
by Cortana Dragoon August 26, 2005
its blaintanly a sexually trasmited disease!!!
OMG we had sex and she got pregnant!!!
by Mach4 February 22, 2005
The oposite of a guudie, something extremly horrible. Coming from the word "child molester".
That is NOT a guudie, it is a child.
by zoeh December 02, 2004
evil demon.
that child tried to decapitate me, so i shoved some cheese up her nose and threw her down a well...
by i love cheese August 13, 2003
The best people on earth. Innocent and full of adventure. Free spirited and accepting.
My Children are my heart walking around outside my body.
by namsok July 10, 2008
One of those pathetic death things of about 3 feet tall who comes to your door and demands airsol tuna. Alsoi their diet consists mainley of feet and other parts of small children things. Destened for death. Avoid these at all costs.
The child is sawing off your chin.

The child is going to eat you.

Oh no, the child has matches.
by MJ (Some Fantastic) October 02, 2003

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