1. Absoltuely intense torturing pain that our "loving" God gave to women as a result of Eve eating the forbidden apple.

2. Something pro-life assholes want to force women and female teenagers who aren't ready for a child to go through as a "punishment" for having sex (cause they think an unborn fetus is more important than the woman who has to carry it). No girl should EVER be forced to though with this if she's not ready.

3. The reason men are luckier than women.
1. I didn't eat the goddamn apple, so why am I punished for it?!

2. 77% of anti-abortion leaders are men. 100% of them will never be pregnant.

3. And men say they can take pain better than women. Let's see a man have a baby.

Fuck childbirth. I don't want kids anyway.
by Trishelle May 05, 2007
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The abominably painful process that has brought so many people into this world. If there is anything that nature screwed up, it is childbirth, probably the most painful experience imaginable, and a lot of women died during childbirth before modern medicine.
When I saw a video of childbirth once, I went home and apologized to my mom.
by The KGB September 14, 2003
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I knew I should have worn a rubber, this mistake never would had happen.
by Joe Jackson September 11, 2003
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when you fall out ya mom
this happens when daddy bones mommy
without protection
9months later
and thats why u gotta
respect the ladies
your ass comes in 2 to the universe
oh yeah and mom will know pain
beyond boundries that a guy can
its happened u as well as every one
ask your mom on this ... or wife
on child birth
by k man 007 January 30, 2009
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The bit that comes before the afterbirth that even less mothers eat
I'm really looking forward to eating my placenta. Now just gotta get the lump in front of it out of the way.
by kymcleod October 10, 2003
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A messy situation which involves a midwife having to catch a baby in a large fishing net held between a sreaming pregnant woman's legs.
"oh great, someone had a baby..."
by Carpman September 19, 2003
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