KILL THEM!!!!!!!!

> KILL THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously...fuckin kill them
Cut their fucking balls off!

by Rob Schneider March 20, 2005
The sickos that should have been the 11 million killed in the holocaust. They all deserve to be cremated alive and/or castrated with a burning guilotine Then have a jar of salt poured on their wound, but not before being forced to Drop the soap in front of some huge black dude to feel all the pain theyve caused.
Alternate Reality 1930s germany:
This just in: Adolf Hitler has just won the Nobel Peace prize for the COMPLETE extermination of the world's Child molesters
by Majin Tails December 03, 2009
A fancy word for a person who rapes children (not to be confused with pedophile though most child molesters are also pedophiles). I don't understand why they don't simply call them child rapists. It would avoid a lot of confusion.
Man: Hi little girl, I know you just moved in here but I wanted to tell you the guy across the street is a child molester so don't go by him.
Little Girl: I wonder what a child molester is? I'm gonna go ask the guy across the street...
by AOM July 22, 2008
A person whether attracted or not to children that go rape and molest children. This term, is not to be confused by Pedophile. Yes there are podophiles who molest, but in majority, a molester is not a pedophile. It has been shown that about 80 to 90% of child molestation has been done my people which hasnt have any attraction to children in the first place.

Many specialists in human sexuality have stated quite clearly that there is a clear distinction between the two. Furthermore, they have shown that much of the child molestation that takes place is at the hands of people who are not pedophiles at all.

As you can see, much child sexual abuse takes place at the hands of non-pedophiles. So who are these child molesters? The psychiatric community defines a ‘situational offender’ as a person who is normally attracted to adults but for one reason or another has turned to a child for sexual satisfaction. He may have poor social skills that make it difficult for him to find a partner within his primary attraction group. He may be in a sexless relationship. He may be alone after the dissolution of a relationship. Whatever the case may be, he is often also in a situation where children are available. Perhaps these are children living in his own home or children in his neighborhood with whom he is acquainted. Perhaps he attends a church or is involved in a social group where children are present. Then a situation arises (or is created by the situational offender) that gives him the opportunity to be alone with one of these children. Maybe stress, alcohol or drugs have lowered his inhibitions and he takes advantage of the situation alone with the child to find sexual satisfaction.
John raped this 9yo girl and killed her because he hated her. He is a child molester and not a pedophile, and should be shot.
by Nickey June 27, 2006
1. Noun: A molester of children
2. Noun: Any 40-year-old virgin fat bald man that never hit puberty
1. Now now, Johnny, today we are learning to avoid that child molester.
2. Now now, Johnny, today we are learning how to headshot a child molester with a glock.
by VbPeppermint November 21, 2007
2. (n.) a plain white, pocketless t-shirt, sometimes clean but most of the time stained by mustard, katsup or other condiments, worn by child molesters around the world. possibly realted to the wife beater, the child molester is also worn by all races and sizes of men.
"Thier whole crew was sportin child molesters...must be a gang thing."
by Na$ty Nate & Jr. June 09, 2005

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