someone who completely ruins their childs life by beating them and fucking up their confidence and self esteem by telling them they should be dead.
"all child abusers should be sent to concentration camps where they are slowly tortured to death"
by shdufh\sduihl April 13, 2009
Top Definition
When a parent/parents beat the hell out of a child for no reason.
All child abusers should get forced sterilization, and either serve life in prison or get the death penalty "depending if the child dies of his injuries".
by Saints October 19, 2003
When parents hurt their children either phsyically, emotionally, or sexually.
Lois emotionally abused Malcolm and Reese and made Dewey stay at home to care for the baby and now she is in jail
by Super Touper August 30, 2003
the thing that creates hate and killers and or psycos im insane cause of it child abuse is when someone parent or gardian beats the shit out of theyre kids for no reason in some cases holds them up with knives and shotguns (that was my situation) mental abuse is when they tell you your shit and youll never amount to any thing(also my situation he also :called my mom a whore behind her back)child abuse is committed by only the scumb of the earth
i hate the man who did this to me
fuck child abuse!
by psycotic goth July 10, 2008
When parents take their children and force them to grow a mullet at a young age.
You might think it’s cute, you might think it’s adorable. But ‘mulletizing’ your innocent child is considered child abuse.

If you see this, please report the parents to the proper authorities.
by dw_ryan April 23, 2008
Elementary School through HighSchool.

Also see Pressure To Succeedand Hell
Bob: "So, can you do anything today?"

Jim: "No, I'll probably be crucified by my parents for not getting an A in every subject!"

Bob: "Bummer, child abuse is a drag!"
by GobbaLaChooba October 20, 2008
when a kid beats the living shit out of your skinny fag ass
"Man thats some wack child abuse"
by Kung fu smoka April 30, 2003
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