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You are being a chiggum when you get to talking really fast about something because you are so excited about it. This is especially true when you boast about your own accomplishments or your children. Usually it is about something that others....well, they just don't care about!
"I am having such a great week! I power-walked the enter mall yesterday, four miles! I was unstoppable! Oh, and on Thursday my son aced the spelling bee! He's almost 14 now, and his hard work has really paid off! We'reGoingToKansasCityfortheNationals! AreYouListening?!"

"Yes, chiggum, I'm listening..."
by Christine Rivers November 26, 2007
cannabis, marijuana, ganja, any preparation of plant material containing THC
ya'll bitches smoke chiggum?
by Lazy Stoner Dude January 07, 2007
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