smokeing weed, or holding on to the chop for to long, or hitting it more then you were supposed to.
Lets chief yo!

Stop Chiefin the Chop!
by Jeseph February 28, 2007
Top Definition
smokin lots of weed
yo me and my mans were chiefin like a mutha fucka last nite
by eric August 03, 2003
When a person overuses something that belongs to another, believing it to be okay because of a self-appointed/designated right.

"Chiefin" references the foregone actions of Native American tribal leaders (chiefs) that had complete access to all of the tribe's resources.

In today's society, "chiefin" is commonly used to refer to those hogging the marijuana; although it can be said under a wide variety of circumstances.
Justin: "I wish Matt would stop chiefin' all my Captain Morgan, he didn't pay me shit for it."
by January 05, 2011
to smoke marijuana; to be blazin some bomb ass trees
nigga last night i was chiefin' on some OG KUSH!!!!!
by lbc562 March 25, 2009
To smoke
Austin: Mikey chiefin bogie in fronta the school.
Sam: Yo I know that was so fonny!
by 🍆🐴 July 09, 2015
to smoke marijuana from a blunt or joint with friends or by yourself.
im tryin to chief a blunt today yo ya dig?
yeah man im down for chiefin some bud thats whats up
by esskay 420 March 16, 2008
1.smoking alot of weed
2.loving to smoke weed
yo nigga watcha doin?
man im chiefin' nigga
by takotaka March 22, 2009
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