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A compound of diddle, when used to mean 'toy with', and chide.
1) Meaning to toy with or mock.
2) To chide in a light handed or meaningless way.
She scoffed the last of the expensive chocolate in hidding, but then let him know minutes later with a chocolaty kiss, eliciting, 'you're a little chiddler you are', from him as they both laughed.

After slamming the font door and hitting his head, he told told his wife off for having left the front door open in the first place, 'Stop chiddlin me,' she said generously.
by BillyBillyBilly November 02, 2006
it is the combination of chill and hookup/ have sex. One day my friend told me him and his girlfriendl were chilling. But i hears chiddling and im like what does that mean and hes like wht ever you think it means when you "chill" with your ex. then I told him I heard him say chiddling. we came to the conclusion that is means chill and hookup/ have sex.
me and this guy were at my house watching a movie and then we started to chiddle. The chiddling started to heat up and then it got out of control it was the craziest hook- up ive ever had.
by lilbrunnin March 08, 2010
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