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Poorly made porcelain caps on front teeth. Fake looking white caps on front teeth. They resemble the color and shape of white Chiclet's chewing gum.
You can see Jim's chiclets from across the room. He needs a new dentist.
by doclagoa March 21, 2006
1) A brand of chewing gum.
2) A small cute white automobile.
Do you have any chiclets?
Hey, check out that chiclet.
by tvyas June 27, 2008
small, uneven teeth
Shorty is fine but she gots some chic-lets
by ghetto rogue March 01, 2003
A frozen Fentanyl medicated patch. Cut it open, eat the gel. Chill. The. Fuck. Out.
I just took a chiclet dude, I'm fuuuccckcinnggg gooooonneee.
by Csz Crack. May 04, 2009
Teeth, epecially prominent ones.
Check out Baba Booey's enourmous chiclets!
by Uncle Gilbert June 26, 2004