Half of a chicken
I'm so hungry i could eat a chickle.
by GuccMaster October 12, 2010
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A pickle with a piece of American or chedder cheese wrapped around it.
Very popular in odd regions of the US.
I love to eat chickles. My mom really like to eat chickles
by Craig Burke April 20, 2004
half a roasted chicken
I'm so hungry I can eat a chickle.
by nzak November 04, 2010
an amount of weed that costs 5 dollars.
yo how much weed did you get?

i only had five bucks so he hooked me up with a chickle.

fuck dude, you always be gettin them chickles.
by mrmattboring October 09, 2010
a chin tickle.

Choople;A chin scoop
youve just been chickle d.
To chew, and tickle someone at the same time simultaneously with either the teeth, a tooth, or a chicklet.
Clayton: Chickle chickle chickle.

Andy: What?

Clayton: I'm chickling your ear with my teeth.

Andy: hee hee hee HEEE HEEE.
by NormaGenitalia October 23, 2011
Simimlar to a chuckle, but much more algebraic.
An action that can be done upon a person or thing. It's slightly undefined... There are various meanings it could be. (Sexual and non-sexual.)
"Ha! Ha! That made me chickle!"
"I shall chickle your pickle. ;)"
by hippstahstep21 September 16, 2011

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