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Illiterate fuckup who can't spell or use proper grammar.
Can are you done with digging the grave?
by seifer March 02, 2004
4 4
An African American man who lives in the Mount Union, PA projects and spends his days carrying around fried chicken and starting beef with white kids.
Zach- O crap it's chicken man
Tyler- Drive Drive Drive!
by zach2010 July 25, 2008
13 6
In an old myth, there was a man that came out at 1 in the morning to help civilians. He was known as chicken man. He wore a rubbery textured suit, and usually would snack on chicken in his "hideout" at the old pier. A great superhero that all will remember, Chicken Man helped many poor black & white teens get their Kuntucky Fried Chicken.
Chicken Man deleivered KFC to my house last night when my family was starving!
by Craig Cl July 11, 2006
12 17
a nubbish nubby who is just a nub
chickenman is the uberest nub
by DeathBunny September 24, 2004
4 15
sorry this name is taken, and u cant not post other define for one im wiser than you all.. ikara please eat shit and die.

how does it feel to be owned once again ??/ huh ikarass?
by seifer February 06, 2004
0 15