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Similar to bullshit, but even more extreme. Used when the person is completely lying.
Chris: I nailed 8 bitches last night yo

Joe: Thats a bunch of chickenshit
by Matt0912 August 23, 2009
3 31
cool like in a really random spaz way
fuck that was like chicken shit
by Aii November 12, 2007
6 38
saying that you are going to move and/or visit Texas, but you are scared and make excuses.
"Damn, JP, your friend is a chiken shit!!"
by Amanda aka Wigs March 15, 2005
8 42
A rather large piece of shit by a chicken or a human. The piece could be larger then someones head.
last night i had some of the chicken shits!
by Zeebes June 18, 2006
5 45
The most useless person ever, who won't do anything against what he/she is told. They are liked by nobody and they're gay.
My friend is a chicken shit, he won't even smoke weed with us.
by Timothy December 02, 2003
18 58
One who is cowardly are has a phobia
What you wont jack that asshole? You chickenshit!
by Deve February 25, 2005
13 88
(n) a McNugget (also can be used in plural)
"I'll have the 10-piece chickenshit value meal."
"Would you like to super-size?"
"Will my chickenshit also be super-sized?"
"No, only the fries and drink. The chickenshit will remain the same size."
"Oh, I guess not then."
"What kind of sauce would you like with your chickenshit?"
"Does it matter?"
by BeardedFatass May 15, 2004
39 117