a)Needlessly taking charge. b)Using authority to get one's way or to get back at somebody. c)A need to demonstrate one's authority.
"That cop could have let me go, but he was just being chicken-shit and gave me a ticket anyway."
by Nathan Strong August 19, 2003
A modified game of chicken in which two or more clothed parties, generally filthy frat boys, defecate in their drawers and compete to see who can stand the discomfort the longest.
"Dude, don't go in there, Tucker and Skip are playing Chicken Shit in the common room again!"

"Fuck, they better put down a plastic sheet this time..."
by The Stegosaurus December 02, 2009
(Chinkn' shit)

1: Someone who is afraid or is a wussy.

2: An insult meaning "your just aboout a good as chickenshit."

3: Something other than eggs that come out of a chicken's ass.
"You are such a chickenshit."

"Aww...eww..... I just stepped in some chickenshit!!!"
by L Bloodrose December 30, 2009
This word has nothing to do with the feces of chickens.
You, sir, are a chicken shit.
by Reckless Rambler June 28, 2003
What the United States is currently researching for use as bio-fuel.
Rather than selecting Super, Unleaded or High Octane at gas pumps, one would simply select their choice of chicken shit - Original or Extra Crispy.
by Rosie Meow August 22, 2007
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