In the game Battlefield 1942 on the Wake island map, it is the building in an airfield where snipers or other chickenshit players score points by hiding and taking cheap shots.
We have snipers in the chickenshack. Can someone get in there and get them.

Landing craft are approaching behind the chicken shack. Roger that!!
by MoFo December 29, 2004
Top Definition
any fried chicken spot, crown, royal, kennedy etc
"chicken Shack" term used in newark nj for fried chicken spots, not sure if its used anywhere else
by D August 10, 2008
a wonderful friend who will stand by you always and always bring a smile to your face. chicken shacks tend to be loyal, friendly, trustworthy, and all around great people to hang out with.
"Did you see that nice girl?"

"Yeah, she was a real chicken shack."
by frostedcookie17 July 09, 2014
When you pull your hand down underneath your balls in the shape of a chicken's mane, while clucking like a chicken until ejaculation, you slap the girl with the same chicken mane hand.
Bitch got chicken shacked, yo.
by Joefus' Roommate September 12, 2008
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