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the battle between the chicken sandwhiches between tender crip and spicy hot tender crisp has more experience but spicy hot is gettin trained by the indo-chino mexicans
just another publicity gimmick
by PlayDohMan October 25, 2004
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(N.) The Chicken Fight of Nov. 5th (at 10pm on DirecTV Channel 348) involving, TC "The Golden Boy" Chicken and Spicy, "The Red Riot" Chicken.

(I wonder if they know that Burger King is just going to eat them after their Publicity Stunt is over?)
SpicyTenderCrisp applied a strangle hold to TenderCrisp at the ten minute mark, but the Ref reversed the decision and TC retained his world title over Spicy, who really wanted to step out of the shadow of TC.
by G-Union 2 November 12, 2004
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