a man with a very unusually amount of stress piled deep down inside that finally desides to release it by fuckin chickens and other farm animals of that sort(ducks too).
you are a chicken fucker bastard said the farmer to the night of england
by poopsmith21 July 05, 2007
One who get sexually involved with a chicken in someway. Weather its a live chicken or chicken meat(aka chicken breast or chicken drumsticks)
Jon Grossman you are a chicken fucker you fucked a chicken breast.
by I see all September 18, 2008
A creepy navy rotc guy named Edgar who is desperate for any kind of female.
That creepy guy Edgar is a chicken fucker!
by Juan Valdez September 12, 2003
one who does not having sex with their boyfriends on command
sara and allie are chicken fuckers to their boyfriends!
by dogshit September 06, 2003
having sex with a preist
boby is a chicken fucker for going to church at 2 in the morning
by john August 15, 2003
a dude on quakenet that is a chicken fucker named avskum
avskum sure is a chicken fucker
by Cantona December 18, 2003
one who ass raipes cock birds
inbody fucks chickens (or)
"Nathan, Why are you such a chicken fucker?"
by YerMom September 27, 2003

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