A Chicken fucker is someone who bends over a helpless little chicken and fucks it to death.
Jeremy Howard is a chicken fucker!!!
by derekassfuck May 16, 2006
what rod farva says in super troopers.i think he tried to crank up the meow game to the next level as he calls the others crazy for playing that game. this all happends while he is riding with thorny
what game we playen

what no games

dont bull shit me

lets play one of those games i keep hearin about

ya know mac and foster did that thang with that thang with who can say pussy the most

actually mac bet foster he couldnt say meow 10 time

who can say meow the most

to the driver, i realize that dosent sound a funny as it sounds

you guys are real crazy, hey look out for these guys

i can say meow, i can say moo, for twenty buck ill call the guy a chicken fucker
by Satish Shanthakumar November 06, 2007
One who has anal sex with a person or persons from France.
by BRAUCHWURST April 14, 2003
Noun: A person who asked to have a taste of a drink but ends up gulping it down.
Guy: Hey can I have a suckle of your drink?

The Dude: Yeah, man. But just a taste.

*Guy chugs drink*

The Dude: Hey chickenfucker! gimme back my drink, man.
by hammy sammy January 10, 2012
One who succesfully serves a squash ball to the other side of the squash court. If they fail, they are a fuckin bad chicken fucker. If another person serves the ball more effectively, they fucked it better.
Eden: Hurry up and fuck the chicken!

Lily: I'm fucking trying!!!

Milly: I'm a better chicken fucker than you!

Lily: You're such a fucking chicken fucker.

**Devils Rejects**

an insult when u want to piss someone off. while someone is buying chicken

wtf r u gettin at

do u f*ck chickens
asshole: now u aint plannen on fucken these chickens are u.

reciver: wtf r u gettin at. do u fuck chickens.

asshole: now i aint callen u a chicken fucker
by satish s September 17, 2008
1) A juggalo
2) Any ugly, trashy, dirty, stinky, ignorant, stupid, trailer trashy person who looks like a juggalo.
-Hey look! It's chickenfucker John!
-Eww he even smells like a chickenfucker!
by jab223 December 13, 2010

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