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the red or some times orange sack hanging on the chickens chin.
Robert jr: Daddy why does the chicken have something on his chin?

Roberts Dad: That my boy, are his balls, the very meaning on his life.
by CatsonCRACK February 24, 2005
Insertion of the testicles in female (or males) anus and in mid-orgasm pull testicles out of anus for a great relief
Yeah, she's fat, but she lets me chicken ball her.
by DJ fat master August 11, 2008
a stereotypical view by the quy lo's that chicken balls are a staple item of asian foods. statement is often followed by a quick ejection out of the dalmobile.
Quy lo 1 - Have fun in hong kong, eat some chicken balls for me.
C - *flashes vip pass* out you go
by foug January 11, 2005
see chicken nuts
chicken nuts
by Jimmy Jon Dinger July 01, 2003