term used to describe Norco pills in yellow form. A controlled substance, "Chickens" is often used to code conversation of the illegal distribution.

The terms is relevant to the yellow color of baby chicks.
"eh cuz, you got any chickens, my back hurtin like a muh fucka"
#norco #pill #pills #acetaminophen #hydrocodone #chicken #chickens
by Herminology May 30, 2008
Chickens, an ominous VN Lance presence. Constantly fueling the flames of passionate VN discussion, and winning the hearts and adoration of many.
Chickens made a VN post.
by Richard February 26, 2005
Little Ladies.

Origin west midlands, England

Derived from Chicks
"Look at those little chickens"
by Bobby Kanker August 14, 2003
a really really foine boy
Jessica:look at them chickens over thurr!
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
what they call cops in France
Those damn chickens are gonna get you!
by short1 July 25, 2004
describing boobs without the women knowing
hey dude check out them chickens,those are some nice chickens
#melons #jugs #hooters #tanks #mountains #raisins #grapes
by bad influence March 10, 2008
Dollars. Usually used by chihuahua-toting gay men in West Hollywood.
"So, anyways I was at Rage, which, by the way, is a total rip. There were no hot guys there, and I spent like 40 chickens on two Vanilla Stoli and cokes and I didn't even catch a buzz."
#money #dollars #cash #duckets #dollar dollar bill y'all
by Holden McKock July 22, 2006
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